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The thought came to me a few weeks ago when I published an article on ADHD and how we over diagnosis boys being boys and it garnered over 1.6K Likes on Facebook:  This is just one of many ideas we (the Church) should challenge.

Not only should we challenge many ideas that are currently out there, but by challenging them, we should have a medium to discuss them.  The ADHD thing has lots of opinions—and emotions—attached to it.  I was an ADHD and Ritalin kid.  I despised it.  And I do even more so now.

Another reason this has been on my heart as of late is because the student ministry at the church where I am a pastor just produced a series called, “Can I Ask That?”  It’s a series wrapped around the idea that students can have the opportunity to vote on questions.  But these are not just ordinary questions.  These are questions that most people would say you aren’t supposed to ask in church.  With discretion and wisdom (and guidance from others) the team came up with 9 questions for which hundreds of teenagers could vote via social media.  We picked the top 3.  It was pure gold.

Apex Ideas is sort of like both of those things together.

I want to take one idea a week, write on it, and provide a forum for discussion.  I realize this can seem tricky.  Even my wife acknowledged the troll-land of the vast Internet.  People can be mean, bro!

In short, here is what an Apex Idea is:  One Idea | One Week

Furthermore, it’s not going to be just your common cut-your-teeth idea either.  I want to discuss real issues.  Practical issues.  Issues everyone is thinking about, but maybe not talking about often.  So, in other words, an Apex Idea might seem like a lofty idea.  It might even seem somewhat out there.  Sort of like the ADHD thing.  I talk with parents all of the dad-gum time who throw their kids on ADHD medicine because they think it’s the normal thing to do.  They don’t realize their kids have zero personality and an extremely low self-esteem because of it.


Stop by and chat, leave a comment, or several.

On Monday morning at 7am, we’ll post our Apex Idea for the week.  All week, you will have the opportunity to discuss this… if it’s worthy… and good enough.

The gospel beckons us to redeem everything… everything… everything!

So, if you’re ready, I’m ready.  I’m not afraid to talk about hard issues, but I will always do so through a pastoral lens.  I want to hit the heart, not necessarily the mind.  I don’t want to debate theory.  I want to talk real life.  And I want to challenge you to do the same.

What ideas should we discuss first?

As we begin this project, I want to ask you what idea you would like to see discussed.  Let me know in a comment below.

Here’s the kind of ideas I wanted to talk through as to give you a direction of where I’m headed:

  • Current Events
  • On ADD and ADHD:  Do we over diagnose our children?  Should we give kids Ritalin?
  • Schooling options for our kids:  Should we send our kids to public schools, private schools, Christian schools, or home school them?
  • Vaccinations for kids:  Should we vaccinate?
  • Should Evangelical Christians vote for candidates who hold views contrary to Scripture?
  • Should our kids sleep in bed with us on a normal basis?
  • Practical theology toward hot topics within culture, such as the evangelical attitude toward homosexuality.

Those are just a sample of ideas I might discuss.  I might not ever even get these, though I just wanted to give you a direction.  Whatever the idea to discuss, I want them to lead to action.  To be directed at the heart.  Not legalistic.  Winsome in tone.

I think we can do this!

So, to recap…

Apex Ideas:  One Idea | One Week

Posted at 7am on Monday mornings

What should we discuss first?  Comment and let me know!

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