[100 WORDS] On living in Washington, DC

We walked out of the front door of our row home.

Crossed the street.

Jumped into our car that was street-parked.

We, then, pulled out onto 36th Street NW barely missing the bicyclist.

As we drove down Wisconsin Avenue, we realized it was the delivery truck time of day, as massive trucks lined the right lane. Because of this, we were stuck going 3 mph for almost 1-mile.

Finally arriving at our destination, we pulled into the parking garage, but there was an “important guest” also there. After our car was strip searched, we paid $20 to park for an allergist visit.

[100 WORDS] On hiring the right people

I have made some great hires over the years, and I have made some terrible hires over the years. One thing I have never regretted, however, is being committed to hiring slow. Hiring people is an art, but you need a system so the right people end up on the bus. Furthermore, you want people in the right seats.

Make sure they fit your culture (this has been my achilles heel).

Make sure there is chemistry (spend lots of time together).

Get referrals on their character (this is common sense).

Do your homework on their competency (see their previous work).