As you have heard, God has called the Gibson family to move from Maryville, TN to Washington, D.C. to plant Veritas City Church. A little over a year ago, we felt God leading us to plant a church, and our pray was that God would lead us to a strategic city in North America.

At the time, DC wasn’t even on our radar. We began to pray for God to show us where to plant. I visited DC in April for 2015, and several people during this trip (including my wife) were like, “WHAT ABOUT PLANTING IN DC?” People were telling us while we were there that they could see us planting in DC and potentially using our gifts to plant a church there.

So, we began to pray through this possibility, and then we began to study the city of DC and the city’s needs. And we realized pretty quickly that the needs are staggering.


  • 6.5 million people in DC
  • According to Pew Research, 10% of those are Christian, but I would personally bet it’s closer to 5% once you take out certain health & wealth denominations.
  • To put it in perspectivE, there is 1 church for every 25,000 people.
  • That was a huge reason for us being led to DC. The place where culture is created in our country has less than 5% bible-believing Christians.
  • God began to show us pretty quickly that we were being called to be faithful.
  • It wasn’t an Isaiah 6 experience for us, though. I wasn’t somewhere on top of a mountain having a devotion time with God and a bird comes and lands on my shoulder and starts chirping DC… DC… DC…
  • For us, it was pretty simple.
  • When I read the Bible, I read that the call of God on the follower of Christ is to go and make disciples of all nations. This is what is known as the Great Commission.
  • This doesn’t apply to just on ones that are more courageous than the rest of us. All of us are called to make disciples of all nations.
  • All of us are to say (like Isaiah), “Here I am God; Send me!”
  • Here I am God. I will be faithful. Here I am God. Send me where you would have me go.
  • This is not a select calling. This is a global calling. For every Christian in all of history.
  • There are 100+ people groups in DC alone; the nations are gathering in big cities all over the world.
  • So, again: The recipe for us to go was pretty simple.