ARTICLE: Parenting Boyhood Energy through the Winter

There is nothing more exhausting than parenting. Well, maybe being POTUS, but parenting has to be a close second.

As winter approaches here in Washington, D.C., I’m reminded again of the exhausting pursuit that parenting is, as we (Grace and I) attempt to wrangle and channel the energy of our 3-year-old son. To be fair, his sister (5) is a close rival in energy, but the boyhood energy of my son outshines all three of us—his mother, his sister, and his daddy—combined.

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ARTICLE: What is a Church Planting Core Team?

This past weekend, we took our kids to the mountains for a little family fun. We do this often, so our kids are expert mountaineers at this point. Well, as much as they can be for being 2 and 4. However, as we were driving to the mountains, my oldest child fell into a downward funk of complaining about not being with her friends. We are a pretty active family, so our kids get a lot of “friend attention,” and today she wanted to not only go to the mountains, but she wanted to do so with other people.

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MEDIA: Why is God Calling Us to Washington, DC?

As you have heard, God has called the Gibson family to move from Maryville, TN to Washington, D.C. to plant Veritas City Church. A little over a year ago, we felt God leading us to plant a church, and our pray was that God would lead us to a strategic city in North America.

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MEDIA: Reformational Manhood Re-Released in 2nd Edition

Friends, I am beyond excited to announce that my first book from back in 2012 has bee re-released today in print.

Reformational Manhood: Creating an Army of Gospel-Centered Warriors is a book that I am extremely proud of. It is written to both young and old men, with the hopes of intergenerational discipleship happening.

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EVENT: Celebrating the PBJ Adoption Fundraiser

Tonight, Grace and I (and a whole bunch of other awesome people) hosted a PB&J Adoption Dinner for Judah Swanson. Baby Judah is in the process of being adopted by James and Anna Swanson, and God put a burden on our hearts to attempt to help a family that we love adopt their baby from China–insert the idea for a PB&J Adoption Dinner. And insert 3 reminders about adoption from tonight, and 3 celebrations that came from tonight.

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MEDIA: Pardon the Interruption [VIDEO]

I’m not going to lie, we have done some pretty fun things over the last 7-years at Foothills Church. I want to take some time and publish some of those fun things. When you create good content, sometimes it gets pushed into the back-log. Let’s remember some stuff we did from years past, laugh a little bit, and gasp about how awesome the beard once was.

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MEIDA: Family Forum: Parenting in a Digital World

In early March, the family ministry at Foothills Church, hosted our first Family Forum for parents of children and teenagers. It was really great, at least I think so. The topic was ‘Parenting in a Digital and Social Media World.’ I gave a talk for about 30-minutes and we had 15-minutes or so of Q&A. I hope this is video, as well as Family Forums, are helpful for your family… at least that’s been my prayer.

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