ARTICLE: What is a Church Planting Core Team?

This past weekend, we took our kids to the mountains for a little family fun. We do this often, so our kids are expert mountaineers at this point. Well, as much as they can be for being 2 and 4. However, as we were driving to the mountains, my oldest child fell into a downward funk of complaining about not being with her friends. We are a pretty active family, so our kids get a lot of “friend attention,” and today she wanted to not only go to the mountains, but she wanted to do so with other people.

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MEDIA: Why is God Calling Us to Washington, DC?

As you have heard, God has called the Gibson family to move from Maryville, TN to Washington, D.C. to plant Veritas City Church. A little over a year ago, we felt God leading us to plant a church, and our pray was that God would lead us to a strategic city in North America.

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