ARTICLE: Parenting Boyhood Energy through the Winter

There is nothing more exhausting than parenting. Well, maybe being POTUS, but parenting has to be a close second.

As winter approaches here in Washington, D.C., I’m reminded again of the exhausting pursuit that parenting is, as we (Grace and I) attempt to wrangle and channel the energy of our 3-year-old son. To be fair, his sister (5) is a close rival in energy, but the boyhood energy of my son outshines all three of us—his mother, his sister, and his daddy—combined.

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MEDIA: Parents, don’t stop charging the social media hill with your teenager

A friend of mine sent me this article a few days ago, and it quickly struck a chord with me. It’s not a Christian parenting 101 article, but it might as well be. As someone who is around hundreds of parents of teenagers—and actually hundreds of teenagers a week—I commend this lady for actually bringing attention to this on her platform.

Social media has become a weird thing in our culture. Parents used to hate it, while their teens loved it. Now, parents love it just as much as their teens. Facebook is full Generation X-ers, while social media mediums like Instagram and Snap Chat are full of Millennials.

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